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At Hello Careers, we exist to transform lives and communities, we are a not-for-profit community interest company, specifically founded to support and provide services to the unemployment sector and businesses within the UK, during the COVID-19 Job Loss.  


The COVID-19 Job Loss Crisis

With our range of services and advice, we are now reaching out and supporting thousands of unemployed and small businesses every day.

  • Our main objective is helping the local communities and businesses to recover from the current UK unemployment crisis and creating a more resilient economy through the expansion of local Job opportunities and free services for UK Businesses.

  • We provide a range of training & free online courses: covering different sectors from Hospitality & Retail to the NHS, bringing a whole host of benefits to individuals to learn new skills, which in return will give them a better chance of finding future employment.


  • We are working to play a crucial role in the development of future employment opportunities; therefore we offer free job advertising for companies within the UK.

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News Updates:

Job Retention    Scheme/Bonus

Employees currently receiving furlough payments, latest news updates.


UK Jobs -Amazon Hiring

Due to the increase in demand, Amazon announced thousands of jobs would be available.

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Hello Careers, hope to raise critical funds for the Trussell Trust.


Unemployment on the rise due to COVID-19


Thousands of job loss

expected in the next coming months..